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Customers are recommended to carefully read the terms and conditions listed below before registering or making a purchase from us. By agreeing to the terms, you give us permission to better satisfy your needs while protecting the privacy of your personal data.
The user should carefully read these terms and conditions as they are just there for informational purposes. In the event that a user or account is found to be suspicious or exhibits unusual behaviour, we reserve the right to permanently ban the account and inflict harsh sanctions

Website Usage

You are not allowed to copy the navigational structure or presentation of our website or its content while using it, and you are not allowed to access, obtain, or monitor any section of the website or any content. Downloading or copying any information from our website is not permitted. We have the right to permanently ban your account in specific circumstances.
You consent to refrain from trying to gain access to any part of our website, systems, or networks by hacking or other illicit techniques.

What specifics are required?

In order to open an account with us, you must register with us and provide your personal information. They include things like name, contact details, email address, and billing address. In some cases, patients must also provide their prescription data for a purchase to be completed.
To improve consumers’ buying and safety experiences, modafinil-usa.com constantly updates its “Terms and Conditions” page. Occasionally, we may email you about this, but we have the authority to make the necessary changes without first getting our users’ consent.
At modafinil-usa.com, we strive hard to give you a very positive and secure purchasing experience. As a result, our website is secured by the most advanced security techniques, including an encrypted web host and SSL certification. This makes it possible to instantly and risk-free store all user personal data in a safe and secure vault.
While our staff upholds strict security guidelines, users are still responsible for safeguarding their data against hackers and unauthorized websites. modafinil-usa.com is not liable for any problems brought on by circumstances in which the user is unable to maintain confidentiality.

Copyright and other forms of intellectual property

The content on our entire website is protected by intellectual property, trademark, and copyright laws. This covers all written, spoken, visual, and graphic content as well as page headers, videos, websites, and other forms of creative content. As a result, it is prohibited for users or websites run by third parties to copy, replicate, or otherwise duplicate the content.
Downloading, modifying, or redistributing our content without the necessary authorization from the appropriate authorities is prohibited by law and may result in jail. Offenders will be permanently barred from the website and will be immediately disqualified from using any additional services in the future.


Those who register on our website or click on the cookies are automatically included to our mailing list for our bulk promotional mailings. The data is then employed to send out newsletters, promotional emails, news about new releases, and information about exclusive deals and discounts through email or text message.
But, if a customer is indifferent, they can choose the “Unsubscribe” option in the emails to remove themselves from our mailing list. You can contact our customer care division for the same purpose.

Privacy Principles

For further details about our operations, please visit the “Privacy Policy” tab at the bottom of the page.

Return Procedure

If the products are defective, damaged, or tampered with before delivery or while in transit, modafinil-usa.com gives full refunds.

Products are misplaced in transit

The consumer obtains the erroneous product as a result of the missing component. Consumers are asked to get in touch with our customer service in the aforementioned circumstances and take the suggested actions to get their complaints quickly resolved. The complaint must be made within the return window in order to guarantee a successful verification and refund.
Our team will immediately reply to your request after receiving the complaint and looking into the underlying issues. The refund process begins after the complaint is received, and it takes 7–10 working days for the money to show up in the customer’s account. The payment is made to the precise account from which it was made in the first place.
Please refer to our official website’s “Refund Policy” page for further details.

Payment Options

In the event that a user violates our terms and conditions, aussiemedsbuzz.com reserves the right to stop offering the services associated with that user’s account. Also, a user may terminate their account with us at any time, without explanation, and without providing us with any notice.
Upon receiving such a request, all previously saved client data will be immediately and completely removed from our database. Users will also be taken from any mailing lists they may have previously belonged to.
However, this termination will be momentarily suspended if the user has recently placed an order for a product from our website.

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